Supreme Garage Doors provides the best garage door springs, repair and replacement services in Madison Heights that are safe, fast and accessible with one call. After years of use, all garage door springs will wear out and need to be replaced at some point. If not replaced in time, these springs can even break, causing fatal injury or damage.

We are one of the leading garage door spring repair and replacement service providers with years of experience in dealing with all kinds of garage door springs. Our team of experts will come to your door and replace any broken torsion spring or tension spring, whether you have a steel, industrial, and residential or commercial sectional garage door. Also, we use some of the best springs available in the market, which are guaranteed to last a very long time. Contact us today to have your garage door springs repaired by the best in the industry!


Defective springs and cables are among the most common problems that occur in residential garage doors. Naturally, these parts can wear out over time with daily use and wear and tear. If your garage door is closing too quickly or opening crookedly, or if the springs are visibly rusty and stretched, it is time to call your local garage door spring repair specialist. 

Even the best overhead garage doors and their parts will eventually need to be replaced. Whether it is the age of the product or the actual damage that was inflicted, Supreme Garage Doors will help you find the solution. We will carefully assess the condition of your door and replace any broken parts to restore full functionality. We never automatically choose for replacement, if we can cost-effectively repair, that’s the route we will take for you!


Persons without experience or certification in garage door repair and maintenance should not repair or adjust springs. It is unanimously recognized by experts that the replacement of springs is dangerous because new springs are subjected to an enormous load. It is therefore imperative to use appropriate tools in addition to comprehensive training. If done incorrectly, spring replacement can go wrong, and it has already done so for many people, causing bodily harm and property damage.

It is also important to note that continuing to use the garage door knowing that the spring has failed can be dangerous. This will not only damage the garage door opener, but also the electric opening system. Springs come in many different sizes and will work like a scale to lift the majority of the weight. All this ensures that the door opens smoothly and closes manually or, if necessary, an electric door opener can be used. 

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