As professionals, Supreme Garage Door wants people to have more choices when it comes to installing a new garage door opener or repairing an existing one. However, to achieve this, our team can undertake all types of garage door opener repair and installation. Whether you are using the latest high-tech door openers or a conventional door opener, our team can fix it.


Whether or not to repair the existing one or install a new one is up to you, the home or business owner. However, before making that decision, we would like to review and inspect the garage door opener. Often there is a minor problem that can be reliably fixed. By solving the problem reliably, we can help you save a lot of money. Not to mention that our team is also capable of finding other issues that otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late. It also saves you time and money. 


There are numerous types of garage door openers available in the market. These can be grouped into mainly four categories based on their application and the way they function. These include chain drive openers, belt drive openers, screw drive openers, and direct drive openers. 

  •       Chain drive: These are one of the first garage door opener types. They use a metal chain to transfer the power from the motor to the trolley. They are usually the cheapest option for garage door openers. One of the main disadvantages of these garage door openers is the huge noise they make while they operate. 


  •       Belt drive: Belt-driven garage door openers use a rubberized belt to transfer power from the motor. Due to the usage of a rubber belt, these types of openers are much quieter than a chain drive opener. Even though they have higher initial investment costs, they also have a lower maintenance costs.


  •       Screw drive: In screw drive openers, a threaded rod which resembles a linear screw is attached to the trolley. Screw drive systems are generally much quieter than chain drive systems and have fewer moving parts compared to them. They have a lower maintenance cost compared to belt and chain drive systems.


  •       Direct drive: Direct drive openers unlike other types of garage door openers do not rely on a screw, chain, or a belt drive system to transfer the power from the motor. In these types of openers, the motor directly powers the trolley. Direct drive openers are the most silent operation compared to other types of garage door openers.


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